does cowtoons

Pounce.com's CEO Chuck Smith-Dewey has written and illustrated several bovine tales for kids of all ages, including "Mr. Gonopolis And His 12 Holsteins – A Christmas Story." which has also received airplay nationwide as a radio play and has been produced as a stage play by various elementary schools from Hibbing, Minnesota (birthplace of Bob Dylan) to Annapolis, Maryland.

He published these tales under the psedonym "Uncle Hyggly" ("hyggly" is the Norwegian word for "happy") through another company he founded, Wounded Coot Greetings, whose slogan is "For When You Don't Quite Care Enough, To Send the Very Best." He is also the creator of several comic strips, including "Fishbowl Funnies®" and "Clark Wonderful®."

For the past couple years he's occassionally done original illustratiosn for the front page of the pounce.com site. Here are a few examples (click on the images for larger versions):

Summer 2004

We love cows and dogs both!

March 2005

The Smith-Dewey's are mad into girls basketball, with two players in the family.

October 2004

MOOOO!!! Or rather, BOOO!!!

June 2004

When Dairy Month and Marry Month collide -- with the bride being given away by Mr. Gonopolis.

January 2004

Sliding is a favorite winter activity of the Hyggly clan. Here Sigrid takes a downhill saucer near the high school in Lakeville, Minnesota while Mr. Gonopolis and Bessie look on.

February 2004

What is more romantic than a holstein playing the role of "Cowpid", the bovine goddess of love?

March 2004

Both of the Hyggly daughters are top-notch Irish dancers with Scoil na d'Tri in St. Paul, Minnesota. They inspired this cowtoon.

April 2004

Spring -- and a yound Holstein's thoughts turn to love!


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